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puppy training

Our puppy training programs are designed to provide a strong foundation for your young pup. We focus on socialization, basic commands, potty training, crate

puppy training


Our obedience training programs are tailored to dogs of all ages and skill levels. We cover essential commands such as sit, stay, down, come, and leash walking, promoting good manners and responsiveness.


POOR DOG behaviour

If your dog is displaying unwanted behaviors, our behavior modification services can help. We assess the underlying causes and develop customised plans to address issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, fearfulness, and more.

POOR DOG behaviour


German Shepard with trophies

For those seeking specialized training for protection and security purposes, we offer protection dog training programs. Our expert trainers focus on obedience, controlled aggression, and specialized skills to develop a reliable and well-trained protection dog.

German Shepard with trophies

Client Testimonials

"Fantastic teachers at dog obedience and protection. Been taking my German Shepard since he was 6 months old and am overly satisfied with the progress. He is still amazing as a family pet around children with the mind set for protection when required would highly recommend if you are looking for obedience and or protection. "
Emily S
“Absolutely excellent. The training suited my 7 month old Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog perfectly. The explanation’s I also got in order to carry out the obedience myself was clear and has really given me an understanding of what my dog is feeling and when. Thank you! I will be a repeat customer and recommend.”
Charlie L

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